Sarah Hummer


Sarah is a former corporate consultant who’s found a renewed sense of self through practicing, studying, and teaching yoga. She has taught yoga to hundreds of students of all ages, levels of experience, and walks of life. Each class offers something different to challenge her students in new ways. With a steady focus on mindful movement with breath, while building mind-body strength and openness, you will leave feeling challenged yet rejuvenated.

Sarah specializes in teaching fertility, prenatal, and postnatal yoga. She has intimate knowledge and understanding of how to use yoga to best strengthen, support, and nurture a mother’s mind and body, as she taught, practiced, and studied yoga throughout her journey to and through pregnancy and continues to now with a healthy and happy daughter.

Sarah is fortunate to train with Diego Del Sol through which she continues to learn, grow, and deepen her practice. She has a M.A. in Health Communication from Johns Hopkins University and a B.A. in Communication from the University of Maryland. Visit sarahhummeryoga.com for more about Sarah.


Maryna Ihnativea


Maryna has been active and energetic her whole life; she grew up dancing ballet and went on to practice aerial hoop dancing. Maryna’s yoga practice started at home three years ago. It has been the foundation and guiding light for her self-discovery and growth. Yoga helped Maryna be more focused, disciplined and more attuned to her body, mind, and surroundings.
It is through yoga that Maryna was able to change her diet to plant-based and be able to transform her body and improve her health.
Maryna is a natural teacher who thrives when guiding others in helping reach their potential. She has been training one-on-one with Diego, deepening her practice and honing her skills as a teacher.
When she is not practicing yoga Maryna can be found chilling with furry friends and cooking vegan cuisine for her amazing friends.

Kiran Lynn Parasher

ParasherPhoto-2Practicing yoga and Pilates since 2009, Kiran is an innovative and inspiring wellness specialist with expertise in yoga, Pilates, health, and communications. Key strengths include teaching yoga, Pilates, and composition, as well as writing content and employee communications. Experienced at working with youth, adults, and seniors; she is passionate about the healing and balancing power of mindful movement. Yoga and Pilates have helped her approach daily challenges with a sense of humor and ease, a gift she hopes to share with her students. Within any class, students can expect to focus on breath, control, concentration, centering, and precision. Kiran’s classes are playful yet deliberate–encouraging active relaxation, physical and mental vitality, and the practices of self-reflection and self-compassion.


Filipe Dias

filipeWhether it is climbing a mountain, finishing a 100 mile bike ride or a simple pose on the mat, inspiring others is one of Filipe’s core values that he brings to Yoga Del Sol. As an avid cyclist, Filipe found in yoga a conduit to improve his core, control his breath and increase his focus. His moving meditation classe aim to help students develop their own innate abilities to foster balance, harmony, and strength and ultimately create higher levels of connection and joy And… yes after racking up miles and miles on his legs simply standing still is it own reward.



Erynn Dickerson

Erynn Dickerson
Erynn began her artistic studies at the Debbie Allen Dance Academy, where she was studied  ballet, modern, jazz and interpretative dance for five years. After performing in various musical theater productions she attended and graduated from Fordham University/the Alvin Ailey school in New York City with B.F.A. and a minor in communications. Since then, she has appeared in various print ads, TV shows, commercials, music videos, films and is currently appearing  in the Broadway production of Disney’s The Lion King. She began her yoga journey four years ago, practicing everyday at various studios across the country and is now so grateful to be continuing her studying and teacher training under the nurturing eye of Diego Del Sol.


Jennryn Wetzler

Jennryn Wetzler
Jennryn currently teaches yoga at Yoga Del Sol and at GWU.  She also works fulltime at the Department of State, facilitating virtual discussions connecting policy experts, NGO officials and community leaders to global online audiences. She has an MA in Ethics, Peace and Global Affairs from AU and a BS in Philosophy from Skidmore College.

Jennryn has been practicing and studying yoga for 12 years and loves bringing the different elements of yoga to her daily life and travels. From practicing poses in mud huts, while serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in Niger, to stretching along the beach at a community development program in Thailand, to leading informal classes between Arabic studies in Egypt, yoga has served her as a home away from home. With feet firmly planted now in DC, Jennryn feels blessed by the chance to share the practice with others.