What Others Are Saying

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“We love that no matter the person, group or experience level, Del Sol customizes the class to suit individual needs”  Washingtonian Magazine

“I found Diego to be the most transformative teacher I have ever experienced. A yoga class with Diego is one beautiful moving meditation that works your body and mind together and syncs them. It feels great to be ‘synced’ and present, and his class is one of the most powerful methods I have found to do this… I am grateful for the time he spent in San Francisco and wish those of you in DC the good fortune of becoming hooked!”  Elissa Epel, Assoc. Professor, Dept of Psychiatry, UCSF

“Diego Del Sol is changing the face of power yoga.” — LA Yoga Magazine

“I have studied with well over 100 teachers, and there is no doubt that Diego is right there at the top.”   — Diane Butera, Owner and Teacher, Eugene Yoga

“Diego has a beautiful humility in offering the power of yoga and his mastery of breath and energy. As a teacher, he knows how to open his students to this power, challenge them, and then allow change to happen. It is a rare gift, indeed.”  Mary Kay S., Yoga Teacher

“Diego Del Sol’s ever-present calm voice directs student’s minds away from doubt and fear and onto their breathing, soothing anxieties and instilling confidence, until success is reached.” — Tennis Life Magazine

“It is old school hatha yoga at it’s finest. It is unpretentious. There is room for everyone and every level in the same room. It is clear Diego teaches from his own experience of practicing yoga and isn’t just regurgitating the rhetoric from some recent teacher training.”  Nara R., Yoga Teacher