Class Descriptions

We offer a variety of yoga classes for beginning and experienced students, always offering individualized attention and modifications for an effective and safe practice.

Yoga Del Sol

A challenging and unique moving meditation that uses awareness and breath to build strength and stamina while harmonizing mind and body. You will learn and practice ancient movement, breathing, and meditation techniques integrated seamlessly and designed to induce positive mental and physical states of flow, vitality, and clarity. The class will help you build strength and leave you feeling light and rejuvenated. Open to all levels of experience; modifications will be suggested for beginning to advanced students.

Sol Core

Our traditional Yoga Del Sol class with a special focus on strengthening your core and pelvic floor muscles. You will help prevent and treat common issues associated with a weak core and pelvic floor, including back pain and incontinence, while increasing your body’s overall stability. A great class for anyone wanting to give their core some extra love, especially moms (no matter your child’s age!). All practice levels welcome.

Prenatal Yoga

Celebrate your pregnancy and prepare for childbirth and beyond! Our traditional Yoga Del Sol class adapted for beginner to advanced yoga mommas in all stages of pregnancy to help:
  • Build strength to carry and deliver your baby with confidence
  • Open your hips and heart to make room for baby’s arrival
  • Learn breathing, meditation, and visualization techniques to help you through nausea, fatigue, and labor
  • Develop pelvic floor strength and awareness to help prevent incontinence, ease labor, and aid recovery

Yoga Flow & Meditation

A flowing sequence of movements combined with conscious breathing to build strength and focus and create states of mental and physical balance. Open to all levels of experience and great for new students and advanced practitioners.

Sol Fly Yoga

This class will change your point of view, literally! We will have fun playing with inversions, from headstands and forearm stands to handstands, and incorporate various arm balances and deep stretches, helping you build strength and flexibility. Class will conclude with deep relaxation, leaving you feeling accomplished and rejuvenated. All levels are welcome!