Yoga Essentials

In the West, we sometimes think of yoga as a means of exercise that promotes strength and flexibility. While that is certainly part of the practice, yoga is much more: it is a process of transformation, of understanding yourself and finding true contentment and peace through regular practice. In the spirit of harnessing the power of yoga, we humbly ask that you observe the following:

Please be on time

Most classes begin with a centering practice where we spend several minutes on mindful breathing. As such, we request that you arrive to class on time so that we may begin the class free of any distractions.

Inform the teacher if you must leave early

Please speak to the teacher before class begins if you must leave early. Savasana (final relaxation) is a key part of yoga, so we recommend that you take at least 10 minutes in savasana to fully absorb the benefits of class.

Please enter the studio in silence

Some students may arrive early to meditate or prepare for their practice. Out of respect for your fellow students, please enter the studio from the reception area in silence.

Remove your shoes

In order to provide a clean studio in which to practice, we request that you remove your shoes upon entering YDS and place them in the cubicles in the reception area.

Inform your teacher about any injuries before class

Since all YDS classes are open level, it is important that the instructor know if you’re working with a recent injury. Please speak to the instructor before class about any injuries so he or she may offer modifications throughout class.

Refrain from using cell phones inside the studio

Please silence your ringer before entering the studio. Should you need to stay connected while in class, please let us know so we can make arrangements with the front desk.

With gratitude –