Online Class Support

If you are new to video conferencing or want to learn how to cast your video to an external display, like a TV, you will find some guidance below.

Getting Started with Zoom

Below are instructions on how to download and use Zoom on the various devices (Mac, Windows, iOS, Android):


Getting started on Mac and Windows [link]


Getting started with iOS [link]


Getting Started with Android [link]

Accessing Online Classes

You will receive an email with the Zoom link before your class. That link will enable you to access the remote yoga session.

Setup for Class


Please make sure to mute your Zoom session upon entering the meeting. If needed, you can unmute during the session by turning on your audio. Additionally, please ensure your video is on.
Screen shot of Zoom


Please ensure that you set up your device (laptop, phone, or tablet) so that your whole body can be seen, and the instructor can provide feedback and support as needed.


Ensure that you do not position yourself in front of an open window where the sun may influence the video. If you are in front of a sunny window, please lower or close the blinds.


If using Zoom on your computer, close all applications, like email, that might generate a notification. If you use a phone or tablet, please mute your phone and turn on the device’s “Do Not Disturb” mode.

iOS (Apple) [link]

Android [link]

Casting to an External Display

If you want the online yoga class to display on an external device—like a TV—you will need to cast from your device. Below are links to the recommended steps for Apple and Chromecast devices:


If you have an Apple TV and want to project the class onto your TV, you will need to use Airplay via your laptop or iOS device.

Apple Airplay [link]


If you have a Chromecast, you will need to “cast” from either a Chrome browser on your computer or via your mobile device or tablet.

Google Chromecast [link]