Workplace Yoga

Rejuvenate and inspire your workforce with Yoga Del Sol! Workplace yoga continues to grow as it’s a proven way to enhance employee satisfaction and productivity, while decreasing employees’ absenteeism and stress levels.

Yoga Del Sol’s unique approach to yoga not only improves participants’ physical health and counterbalances the negative effects of sitting and working on a computer, but also increases their positive feelings, mental clarity, and confidence. “Positive and engaged brains are a company’s greatest assets. More than time and even more than productivity, people must be happy,” Shawn Achor, author of The Happiness Advantage and Before Happiness. 

“We were thrilled with our series or workplace yoga classes
with Yoga Del Sol. The folks who attended raved about the classes!”
 – One Medical Group

Don’t let your employee wellness funds go to waste! Did you know that your health insurance plan may cover costs for your organization’s yoga program? We can help you determine your plan’s contribution.

Maximize participation! Getting your employees to participate, and stick with it, is key to any program’s success. We can help you with promoting and evaluating your yoga program to maximize employees’ participation.


Office Yoga

Yoga Del Sol instructors create a welcoming and warm environment, turning your conference room, lobby area, roof deck (any space!) into a calming space to practice. Classes are great for all levels of experience; our instructors provide modifications for beginner and advanced students for a safe and effective practice. Classes can be held before, during, or after work hours—we tailor the program to fit your needs. For best results, we recommend hour-long classes held at least once a week.

Private Class at Yoga Del Sol

Hold a private yoga class for your company at our beautiful studio—exposed brick, bamboo floors, large picture window, orchids—which emanates peace and tranquility. The studio holds up to 25 people, has free yoga mats, water, and tea.

Special Events & Retreats

Bring yoga to your next meeting or retreat for a fun and fresh experience! The yoga session(s) will help spur creative thinking, promote team building, and decrease stress among attendees.

For pricing and more information about offering yoga to your workforce, please contact us today.